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Modern lighting products allow you to create easily multi-level lighting in any room. It can be created by different kinds of lights, change the simultaneous use of one or more light sources become more saturated or muted. All this is possible because in one space at the same time can be created a ceiling light chandeliers, wall, table and floor lamps, as well as a new kind of recessed lighting fixtures as light sources. They all have different configurations and consist of different materials, but in most cases thaey are equipped with a glass lamp shades or shades. These are the accessories offered by «N&B light» — stylish, trendy, original textile lampshades and glass cover of the best quality .

In a wide range our lamps are presented many interesting models, but mass production is not always able to create all possible shades and lampshades. Therefore, our company has decided to offer to its customers a new opportunity — custom lampshades and original glass diffusers, which can be equipped with our existing models of lamps.

We produce our accessories ourselves, as well as all of our products. Therefore, we guarantee that they are perfectly suited to your chosen configuration frame. At the same time, like all products we manufactured, they are of high quality, reliable, safe and durable. Spare parts is a guarantee that you will not have to change the lamp when it accidentally damage or smash. This is especially true for areas where children play. Choose suitable accessories to the model of your lamp and you can periodically change the lighting in your home, just replacing the lamp shade or cover.