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Modern style appeared in the late 19th century and became popular at once. It drew attention with an interesting mix of classic and contemporary, refined forms, aristocratic refinement lines, natural materials and use of glass. Fashion for the modern style disappeared and then appeared again, but recently its popularity has increased. Modern products in modern style it’s all the same clean lines, sophistication and perfection, which is particularly well expressed in the lamps, sconces, floor and table lamps. Today lighting in Modern style is not only strictly correct forms, but also bold, whimsical, sometimes asymmetrical configurations.

 «N&B light» lighting production of a category «Modern» is a prime example of an embodiment of style. When creating them, we use only natural materials, glass of own production, as well as hand painting. Our product range is diverse, because we rely on the vast experience of famous Italian artists, we turn into reality all the typical Modern features and we are not afraid to experiment. Modern chandeliers in our performance are made of natural materials, high-quality glass, have exquisite appearance, smooth bent and clean lines. This variety of shapes and colors, popular shades and interesting solutions. Our products are made for those who want to bring to the interior notes of classics, gentility, refinement and taste, and it is easier to addi them just with the help of lighting.

We are confident that through a combination of aesthetics and practicality our modern lights will fit in any interior and become its decoration. We guarantee high quality and functionality that will allow you to enjoy a great, stylish and beautiful lighting for a long time.

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