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Venetian style is one of the finest ones to create interesting interior solutions. To a large extent it concerns lighting, as the predominant element is a Venetian-style glass, in particular - Murano glass. Glassmakers of Murano became famous throughout the world for high quality products and unique beauty. Luxury and elegance inherent in Italian art and architecture is fully reflected in created in that era lamps. However, today, as well as a few centuries ago, Venetian style affects wealth, sophistication and luxury unrenderable notes.

Our company is pleased to offer lamps in Venetian style, made in the best traditions of Murano masters. We can safely say, that our master took experience and skills directly from the direct descendants of the famous throughout the world of Italian glassblowers. Fixtures produced by "N & B Light" is a time-tested high quality, strict observance of technology and boundless imagination of designers. We are so confident in the reliability and durability of its products that are ready to offer one year warranty on every product produced by us .

Fixtures in the Venetian style are an indispensable element of the interior, combining ancient and the modern, noble luxury and romance. To create lighting in the Venetian style, we offer sconces, chandeliers, table lamps and street lights of our own production. In our workshops lights are produced all the way - from melting glass to hand coloring. Our products are unique, beautiful and functional, allowing them to become the exquisite interior decoration.

Examples of products